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Atlanta Falcons bring back familiar friend Greg Knapp as quarterback coach

The Falcons had to replace outgoing quarterback coach Bush Hamdan, and they went with a very qualified coach.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We never really got to know Bush Hamdan. He was a relatively unknown when Steve Sarkisian brought him to Atlanta’s staff. He agreed to leave the team for a college team after the season ended weeks back, even though Atlanta’s quarterbacks never seemed particularly polished.

This was an important hire. Steve Sarkisian brought the Atlanta Falcons offense back down to earth this year. It was reminiscent of Kyle Shanahan’s first season that took multiple steps back. We expect improvements in 2018, but if it doesn’t happen, Atlanta needed a qualified replacement for 2019. Or even the bye week if things are particularly bleak.

Atlanta looked at both Greg Knapp and Darren Bevell, both former Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinators. Bevell sure appears to be the more qualified play caller, but the Falcons are gonna Falcons for better or worse.

Knapp has run similar schemes throughout most of his career, and even had some stints with Gary Kubiak (a few times), Kyle Shanahan, and yes, Dan Quinn. His offenses have been inconsistent, but this is likely the most talented roster he’s had, if not a close tie with the Super Bowl winning Denver Broncos. We remember him with his time mismanaging Mike Vick, but I don’t think you can give the team much credit for providing him with any weapons.

It’s not a bad hire that definitely fits the scheme and helps balance out Sarkisian’s lack of pro experience. Other than being out of football last year, Knapp has been either an offensive coordinator or quarterback coach every year since 1998. I think your preference is someone who can help provide guidance to the young play-caller, and if necessary, replace him seamlessly. Knapp fits that bill.