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Atlanta Falcons talk: Will Takk or Vic Beasley be better over the long haul?

Let’s spark some debate.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Carolina Panthers David T. Foster III/Charlotte Observer/TNS via Getty Images

One of the fun things to do in the offseason when you have virtually nothing else to do is debate things that would not really come up during the season. I’m going to kick one of those off this evening because I have spent a few moments thinking about it myself.

The question is this: By the end of their respective careers, who will be better, Takk McKinley or Vic Beasley?

On one hand, Beasley is a former top ten pick who put up a 15.5 sack season in his second year and is still young enough to play close to a decade at a high level. I don’t believe we’ve seen him at his best just yet, and if he ever reaches the height of his considerable potential, he should blow right by John Abraham and finish as perhaps the best pass rusher in team history.

On the other hand, Takk is already a monster. McKinley showed real potential in his own right in his first season, playing effectively against the run, showing an ability to use his power and athleticism to win as a pass rusher, and finishing his rookie season with more sacks (6) than Beasley did in his first year (4).

Beasley’s up-and-down 2017 adds more fuel to the fire, though he did receive some time at linebacker and was due for some regression either way. Throwing the potential of injury out the window, though, who is going to be better?

I’m actually willing to bet on Takk, who profiles to be a more complete player over the long haul, even if I think he’ll finish with fewer sacks than Beasley. I’m hopeful this is a debate that we’ll be able to have for a long time

Give us your take.