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The best memes from the dramatic Vikings win over the Saints, and yes, they are mostly about Marcus Williams

Sometimes a single snap becomes so iconic, that the internet forever immortalizes it. Even rarer, that snap comes at the expense of a division rival.

Divisional Round - New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

There’s one way to bounce back from a disappointing playoff when the Atlanta Falcons struggled to execute all game: watching the New Orleans Saints choke away an almost guaranteed win in dramatic fashion. I cant begin to describe this play, so I’ll let the video do it.

I could watch that a million times. The Vikings had 25 seconds to run down the field and attempt a long field goal for the win. It was pretty unlikely, but Case Keenum was having a really solid game. He tossed the ball to Stefon Diggs with the plan to run out of bounds and attempt a loooong field goal.

Instead, Saints safety Marcus Williams made the most inexplicable tackle attempt I have ever seen. Most safeties would probably try to wrap up Diggs and keep him from the sidelines.

Instead, he went low.

Very low.

Inexplicably low.

Saints went from a dreaming of the NFC Championship to the draft in the flash of a few seconds. The internet immortalized the moment, and we loved so many of them.

It was a great night on Twitter.