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Atlanta Falcons talk: Who will be the team’s MVP against the Eagles?

There are many fine choices.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Falcons have gotten by on an ensemble approach this season. Whereas a year ago you could count on Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, or another offensive star to be the team’s MVP from game-to-game, this year it’s been a mix of players on both sides of the ball. That approach has gotten them this year, but it has made it sort of difficult to predict who will be the most impactful player from week-to-week.

Let’s try, regardless. Who will be Atlanta’s MVP against the Eagles?

My bet is Deion Jones. The stellar linebacker will have opportunities to impact the game both as a defender against the run, where Philadelphia figures to do much of its damage, and against the pass, where he could take an ill-fated Nick Foles throw out of the air and change the outcome of the game. Debo is so good that it feels like a fait accompli that he’ll have a major role in this game.

Who would be your choice?