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Rumor: Coaches “expect” Steve Sarkisian to leave for Seattle; Jedd Fisch a candidate for Falcons OC

Per a reporter with an uneven reporting history, the Atlanta Falcons may see another offseason of coach shuffling.

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I’ve never seen a day with more rumors put forth by historically inaccurate reporters/sports radio guys, but we are noticing a theme emerge: Steve Sarkisian may be the new Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator. Atlanta will already be short a quarterback coach after Bush Hamdan said he will head back to college after the season.

Per a reporter I said I would stop sourcing in articles:

I will admit that Jason La Canfora has occasionally been correct. He had Atlanta’s interest in Alex Mack and Dontari Poe. He also said the Falcons were going to make a strong push for Mario Williams and Hakeem Nicks. He also said the San Francisco 49ers were high on Scott Pioli for general manager, but I don’t believe he ever interviewed. Also reported the Falcons were working on an early contract extension with Matt Ryan (years back), then later said no deal was happening until the next year.

It’s a lot of hit or miss.

This backs up another report from a Seattle radio personality, and historically, radio personalities are not a reliable source of news, either.

Dan Quinn would have to let his offensive coordinator out of his contract so he could make a lateral move to Seattle. Maybe Sarkisian still loves the Pacific Northwest, and even coach Pete Carroll, but it’s a clear downgrade in offensive talent. For the Falcons, I’d worry again about continuity for an offense that is slowly aging up.

Of course, Quinn could let it happen. Especially if he already had a replacement in mind.

Who is Jedd Fisch? He was the offensive coordinator and quarterback coach at UCLA that served as the interim head coach after they canned Jim Mora. He’s been around college and pro teams since 2001, including short stints (mostly everywhere), like wide receiver coach under Mike Shanahan. You won’t be surprised here, but he spent one season as Seattle’s quarterback coach in 2010. There’s your connection to both Pete Carroll and Dan Quinn. He’s bounced between college teams between a two-year stint as the Jacksonville Jaguars offensive coordinator from 2013 to 2014. Gus Bradley, another Pete Carroll coach, fired Fisch after the offense finished 31st and 32nd. There were also rumors he was mean to Blake Bortles. Players reportedly complained about Fisch having “little or no feel for play-calling.”

It’s hard to get too good of an idea on Fisch because he hasn’t spent more than two seasons anywhere since the Baltimore Ravens from 2004 to 2007. He certainly appears experienced, but it’s concerning he didn’t have enough success to stick around. How he fits with the Falcons offense is unclear, but would probably be a better quarterback coach next season.

Update: The Seattle sports radio personality reported Seattle was cleaning house, including the Seahawks defensive coordinator and quarterback coach. Ian Rapoport then confirmed that Kris Richard, the defensive coordinator, will be gone. That gives a lot of credibility to Sarkisian to Seattle.

Update Part Two: Dan Quinn squashed these rumors. This is notable as last year the team had essentially admitted that Kyle Shanahan was gone.