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Steal one Eagle and add him to the Falcons. Hurry, quickly!

Despite Philadelphia’s obvious talent, we’ve got an easy pick.

NFL: NOV 13 Falcons at Eagles Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

You are dropped into Philadelphia with a mission. Once you’ve tried a cheesesteak, taken some artful photos of the Liberty Bell, and enjoyed the city’s many fine cultural institutions, you’re going to steal an Eagles player and add him to the Falcons roster. Simple, really.

The question is, who are you taking? The Eagles have a talented roster, one that propelled them to the #1 seed in the NFC in 2017, and one without a ton of obvious holes. The loss of Carson Wentz put them down a bit at quarterback, but that’s the only glaring weakness.

I would personally take Fletcher Cox. He’s a player I’ve admired for a long time, he’s a legitimate problem in the middle of that defensive line, and he’d form a formidable 1-2 punch with Grady Jarrett. He’s also a better pass rusher than Jarrett at the moment, if we’re being honest, and is still young enough to be a force for years to come. If you sense that I would enjoy adding another great defensive tackle to this line, you are correct.

So yeah, I’d grab Cox, ahem. How about you?