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Matt Ryan has more passing yards through 10 seasons than any quarterback in NFL history

Ryan’s up-and-down season ends with a bang.

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Matt Ryan played a stellar game against the Panthers, by and large, despite losing Andy Levitre, Taylor Gabriel, and others throughout the course of the game. He had a few inaccurate throws, but he finished the day with 317 yards.

That was enough to help propel the Falcons to a victory, thankfully, and it was also enough for Ryan to set yet another mark in his long and distinguished career. He beat out Peyton Manning for the most passing yards through ten NFL seasons, which is pretty incredible.

Despite some frustrating campaigns here or there, Ryan is on pace to put up Hall of Fame caliber numbers, and now has six playoff berths in his ten year career, plus a Super Bowl, and hopefully another deep postseason run this year. He’s already the best QB the team has ever had, and if he can play at a high level for another five seasons, he’ll probably be considered one of the best ever to do it. For the moment, it’s enough that he battled through all those tipped interceptions and last second losses to get the Falcons

Of course, the stat Ryan probably really cares about is that 10-6 record and playoff berth, but we’ll celebrate for him.