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Ping pong power rankings 2017: Julio Jones enters season in the top spot

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This should surprise no one.

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The time we’ve been waiting for has finally come. The Falcons’ ping pong season finally kicks off on Sunday, and that means it’s time for Week 1 power rankings.

When last season came to an end, Julio Jones was on top. But we had some of last year’s dominant players leave the team this offseason, so that’s going to shake up the rest of the Top 5.

Jones is a dominant athlete, no matter what sport he’s playing. He’ll be difficult to unseat. But long snapper Josh Harris is moving right on up the rankings, and he lands at No. 2.

Matt Ryan’s wingspan helps him at the tables. He’s also an innovative player. Last season I saw him use his hand as a paddle, and it’s that reflexive talent that puts him at No. 3.

No. 4 is Nick Williams, who brings every bit of his scrappiness and grittiness to ping pong, just like he does on the football field.

And the specialists often have meetings when other players are at the ping pong tables, so they fly a little under the radar. But we’ve got two specialists on the rankings this week. Matt Bosher comes in at No. 5.

Can anyone take the top spot from Julio this season? We’ll see.

Week 1 Ping Pong Power Rankings

1. Julio Jones

2. Josh Harris

3. Matt Ryan

4. Nick Williams

5. Matt Bosher