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Falcons talk: What does Dan Quinn have to do in order to be considered a great coach?

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He can’t be that far away.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Dan Quinn and the Falcons enter 2017 with sky-high hopes from most the fanbase, and plenty of doubt outside Atlanta. That combination gives Quinn a solid case for Coach of the Year if he can help pull this gifted team back into the postseason, something that I’ve been pretty bullish about.

Considering that—and considering Quinn’s impressive success through his first two seasons—what will it take for the Falcons’ coach to be considered one of the league’s elite? He’s clearly on the cusp of that, given both the relatively small number of great coaches in the NFL and the respect he has around the league. If you think he’s already there, say so, but

Personally, I think getting the Falcons back in for another deep postseason run will be enough to cinch it in the minds of most. For some, the Falcons look like the kind of fluke Carolina proved to be in 2015, and the only way to remedy that is to win and win often in 2017.

How about you? Once you’ve answered our topic du jour, feel free to talk Falcons, life, and the universe.