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Matt Ryan doesn’t want you to feel sorry for the Falcons

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Matt Ryan discusses his experience in the Super Bowl and how the team has moved past it in his recent piece for The Players’ Tribune.

Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

With the Falcons’ 2017 regular season only a few days away, many of us (myself included) have been thinking about how 2016 ended. I came to the conclusion that the team has moved on, and we should too. Apparently, Matt Ryan has similar thoughts on the matter.

In a recent piece Ryan penned himself for The Players’ Tribune, he goes into detail about how he dealt with the loss and how he knows this team is ready to move on to a new season. It’s really great stuff, and provides some insight into why Ryan (and others in the media that have spoken with him) truly believe that this team will not suffer a “hangover”.

The article is fantastic, and you should definitely go read it as soon as possible. Here’s a particularly moving quote:

“But don’t feel sorry for us, because we don’t feel sorry for ourselves. We’re fine … really, we are. Losing the Super Bowl is always going to be a part of our story. But it’s not our whole story.”

There’s a lot of information in there, including some observations about how the team responded to adversity in 2016 before the Super Bowl. After reading it, I feel even more confident in this team. Despite already believing the team was focused on 2017, it’s always comforting to hear it directly from the players.

What are you still standing around here for? Go read it right now.