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Power rankings: Falcons drop because of... one preseason game?!?

New, comments, I am tired of your useless shenanigans.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Atlanta Falcons
Darkness consumes me.
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Lets first point out that power rankings are stupid. Power rankings are a quick, easy way to churn out consistent content that will get people talking. Have you ever read through an entire power ranking? No way. You scroll down until you see your team. The longer you have to scroll, the angrier you get. This is why Jaguars fans are such angry people.

Apparently NFL dot com has power rankings throughout the preseason. How do you update after glorified practices? I can’t answer that question, but apparently they can. Falcons dropped one spot for not looking great against the Arizona Cardinals.

Not even joking.

Tough to move the defending NFC champs down. And no, some more lame reasoning (piling on) about the Super Bowl hangover is not coming in the next few sentences. The Seahawks looked formidable in the preseason. The Falcons did not against the Cardinals. Even the most ardent Atlanta fan will tell you there is some apprehension about new OC Steve Sarkisian running the attack, even if the offense looked viable in Weeks 1 and 2 of the preseason.

Preseason is practice. PRACTICE! We can all point out that the Falcons offense looked terrible last preseason, and then they have one of the offenses in history. The teams aren’t playing to win. They are evaluating their players. Maybe this guy is wondering why Sarkisian ran the ball three times in a row on the same drive. It has nothing to do with getting yards, it was finding out what right guard looks better with the same personnel.

You aren’t looking to get the offense moving. What a stupid thing to say when explaining your stupid reason to move the Falcons down in your stupid rankings. With that being said, the Falcons still come in at a healthy third place.

On another note, they mention the defense could be good this year.

Side note: Could it be that we are all missing the point with the Falcons, i.e., that they might be -- could be -- more talented on the other side of the ball?

Slow down a bit with that praise. Falcons should be one of the league’s top offenses this season, and the defense could jump up to near the top 10. A huge improvement that should take a little pressure off of the offense. At least the defense is getting some credit.