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The Falcons may not be done with Matt Simms just yet

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The son of Phil Simms could return to Atlanta in 2018.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

You probably saw that the Falcons had waived/injured and then put Matt Simms on injured reserve and mentally made plans not to think about him again until...I dunno, the end of days? Something like that.

If those were your plans, I regret to inform you that the Falcons may not be quite done with Simms just yet. If Matt Schaub gets hurt, or perhaps just when the 2018 season rolls around, the player the Falcons just reached a settlement with off of IR could find himself getting another spin at the wheel in Atlanta.

What sparked this article? This tweet.

It may be a slight reach on my part, sure, but it’s not difficult to connect the dots based on this comment. The Falcons have kept Simms around for a while now despite no obvious incentive to do so, and while they cut him loose with an injury settlement, their belief in his ability has presumably not changed. That means he’ll likely be the first quarterback they call, unless Trevor Knight proves to be a more exciting prospect than any of us guess.

That makes things very interesting if the team suffers an injury at quarterback (god forbid) or once we roll over to 2018, when Schaub could very easily be cut thanks to a dead cap figure of just $1.25 million. If the team really believes Simms has the talent to be Ryan’s top backup, it’s sort of startling they didn’t give him a real shot this offseason, but the calculus could very well change next year.

Of course, if Atlanta does think Simms is a #2 quarterback, it’s possible other teams do as well. Given that he’s out there and free to sign, it’s possible Simms won’t be available if the team does want to go back to him, at least until the offseason.

File this away for later, but don’t be surprised if we see Simms again next summer.