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Guard Jamil Douglas rounds out the Atlanta practice squad

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The Falcons now have an 11 man practice squad, albeit one that will change often.

Miami Dolphins v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Falcons had one open spot left in the practice squad for 2017, and they’ve filled it with depth at guard, where they are still largely stocked with inexperienced depth. Their latest addition Jamil Douglas does nothing to remedy that, but it’s one more player available should something go sideways in the weeks ahead.

So, who is Douglas? Besides being the emergency guard behind the likes of Ben Garland and Sean Harlow, Douglas is actually an experienced player in his own right, and he was with the Patriots’ practice squad when...well, yes. That.

Douglas had six starts in his rookie season with the Miami Dolphins back in 2015, when he was a promising fourth round rookie. The team quickly soured on him, though, ultimately cutting him, signing him to the practice squad, promoting him to the active roster, putting him back on the practice squad, and cutting him again. He landed with New England from there, and now finds himself with another shot courtesy of the Falcons.

Chances are good Douglas won’t sniff the active roster—it’d be best if he didn’t—but the Falcons have made a habit of adding young, experienced line depth this offseason. I can’t knock that.