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NFL power rankings: lukewarm preseason has some outlets doubting the Atlanta Falcons

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NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Atlanta Falcons Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons kick off their regular season on Sunday at 1 PM at Soldier Field in Chicago. It’s an important game for the Falcons, if only to show off their resilience But alas, it’s Tuesday, which means power rankings are out. As you know, each week we break down various power rankings. We fully understand that these don’t mean much, and that the games are ultimately won between the sticks, notwithstanding what the pundits have to say. But that said, because they give us an outside looking in perspective, they’re interesting and worth considering. 3rd

Tough to move the defending NFC champs down [but t]he Seahawks looked formidable in the preseason. The Falcons did not against the Cardinals. Even the most ardent Atlanta fan will tell you there is some apprehension about new OC Steve Sarkisian running the attack [...]

CBS Sports: 3rd

They will be a better team than the one that blew the Super Bowl. That doesn't mean they will get back, but they will win the NFC South.

SBNation: 2nd

But the team still has all the pieces that made them a nightmare to deal with last year. The offense is mostly unchanged and the defense added Dontari Poe and Takkarist McKinley. As long as Matt Ryan doesn’t revert to a player more like his 2015 self, they’ll be a problem to deal with.

Bleacher Report: 8th

The Atlanta Falcons still have a lot of firepower on offense. However, the loss of Kyle Shanahan and the transition to a Steve Sarkisian offense are cause for concern. The Falcons really struggled in their third preseason game against the Cardinals.

ESPN: 5th

The Falcons have all the tools to make a title run despite the talk of an extended Super Bowl hangover.

So there you have it. Because the Falcons didn’t knock anyone’s socks off during the preseason, some outlets are letting skepticism creep in. That’s their prerogative, even if they’re dead wrong. And to be frank, I don’t mind it. Let them sleep on this roster; they undoubtedly regret it.

Your thoughts?