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Who will the Falcons sign to fill their open roster spot?

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There’s one spot, and a few possibilities.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

With LaRoy Reynolds unfortunately hitting injured reserve, the Falcons have an open roster spot to play with. The question is how they’re going to fill that spot.

In my mind, there are essentially three possibilities, all of them on the defensive side of the ball. Let’s run them down, in no particular order.


Potential Options: Dan Skuta, Zach Vigil, Ben Boulware

There just isn’t much out there at the moment for the Falcons, but they could take a flyer on a part-time linebacker with some special teams chops to help them get through the months ahead. The Falcons already have an absurdly talented starting trio, a valuable reserve in Kemal Ishmael, and a promising rookie in Jermaine Grace, so whoever they signed would be nothing more than depth, anyways. I think there’s a decent chance the Falcons go this route.

Defensive Tackle

Potential Options: Ahtyba Rubin, basically

The Falcons have expressed confidence in their options at defensive tackle, and it’s not hard to understand why. They have many players who can kick inside and play well in a pinch, and they have Dontari Poe and Grady Jarrett as starters. They also have two youngish players on the practice squad in a pinch, so this isn’t the need it looked like on first blush.

Still, more defensive tackles—particularly quality run stoppers—are always welcome. Ahtyba Rubin is basically the best available in this regard and would make a lot of sense for Atlanta. Otherwise, go young and add a little depth.


Potential Options: Dashon Goldson, Ironhead Gallon (!), Baccari Rambo, etc.

There are a lot of safeties sitting out there for the taking who once had considerable value but either have struggled in recent years or are coming off of injuries. The Falcons currently only have four full-time safeties on the roster, a seemingly low total for a team with an abiding love of safeties. Whoever they picked up would easily be the fifth option at the position, assuming they aren’t planning on having Ishmael play two spots.

With the roster fairly set for Week 1, only someone like Rubin would really move the needle. In all likelihood, the Falcons will sign someone who will function as little more than a deep reserve, but I suppose we can dream.