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Falcons season predictions: Give us your expectations for 2017

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We want to hear not just records, but what will go right and wrong.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2017 season fast approaching—thank the Football Gods!—it’s time to get you all on record with your terrible season predictions, so you can’t squirrel out of them later in the year.

Today, specifically, I’m looking for your season prediction and some thoughts on what will go right and wrong.

I’m sticking with a prediction I’ve had all offseason, which is 11-5. I think the Falcons will scuffle a bit in the middle of their schedule with the Cowboys, Patriots, and Seahawks on the docket, and they’ll probably drop one or two late in that mad finishing dash against the NFC South. But this is a team that is starting off the year with one of the NFL’s best rosters, full stop, and one of its best coaching staffs. There simply aren’t many reasons to believe they won’t be a contender, and I have them making it to the NFC Conference Championship Game again this season. I think the offense will fall back to earth ever so slightly, but that will be relatively meaningless because of true, impressive improvement by the defense.

Now fork over your predictions, everyone.