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Falcons bars: where do you non-Atlantans watch the Falcons?

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Help some transplants answer the question of where in the hell they can go to watch the Falcons game.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Atlantans will never know the struggle of watching the Falcons. For us transplanted Falcons fans, our options are very, very limited. Sometimes your options are the small corner TV at the far side of a sports bar with no sound, the unending disaster that is Buffalo Wild Wings, or streaming with more sketchy links than Limewire. The NFL does not make it easy.

With the first regular season upcoming, I wanted to crowdsource some good places to catch games for those outside of the Atlanta market. Do you live somewhere with a Falcons bar? Or even just a place you might get the Falcons on a big screen with audio?

Let Falcons fans in your area know in the comments, and help the non-Atlantans meet up to watch Falcons games at a friendly site.