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Falcons place LB LaRoy Reynolds on IR

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The Falcons have placed LB LaRoy Reynolds on IR after he suffered a pectoral injury in Week 3 of the preseason.

Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

There was plenty of speculation regarding the status of LB LaRoy Reynolds after he suffered what was thought to be a shoulder injury against the Cardinals in the third preseason game. We’ve now received more information on Reynolds’ injury from the Falcons.

Reynolds has apparently suffered a serious pectoral injury that will require surgery, putting his season in doubt. The team has placed him on IR, but the timing of this means that he could return later in the season if his recovery progresses quickly. Reynolds would technically be eligible to return after Week 8, but recovery from pectoral surgery would almost certainly take longer than that.

This move explains the decision to keep UDFA LB Jermaine Grace on the active roster, although one could argue that Grace had earned that spot in his own right. The young LB from Miami will now be relied upon to be a primary backup and core special teams player early in his career. Reynolds’ move to IR frees up a roster space for the Falcons, which they could use to bring in more depth at DT or LB.

We wish all the best for Reynolds and hope for a speedy recovery for him.