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The Falcons had three players poached by other teams via waivers

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That’s tied for the second-highest total in the NFL.

Atlanta Falcons Practice Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Atlanta has a long history of not having released players poached by other teams, which is a little insulting. This year, that changed a little bit.

The Falcons had a total of three players picked up via waivers by other teams, which included Chris Odom (Packers), Reggie Davis (Browns), and Akeem King (Chiefs). That may not seem like a ton, but that’s actually tied for the second-highest total in the entire NFL, behind (of course) the Patriots.

That tells you a couple of things. The first is that this Falcons roster is talented enough that they’re forced to cut players who other teams are intrigued enough to place a waiver claim on, and the teams they’re in the mix with above are all good-to-great teams. The second thing is that if this is the new norm, the Falcons are going to lose quite a few quality players in the years to come, just thanks to the numbers guys.