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Falcons roster talk: What was the most disappointing cut?

There’s always a cut that disappoints and surprises.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Two days later, we have a chance to take a deep breath, consider what the Falcons did with their roster, and give our collectives thumbs up and thumbs down to what the team accomplished.

So here’s a question for you, given that we’re probably all pretty satisfied with how this roster turned out in general. What was the cut that disappointed you the most?

For me, the cut was probably Reggie Davis and Marvin Hall in favor of Nick Williams. This is not a knock on Williams, a perfectly capable sixth receiver and special teamer, as much as it is a point in favor of Davis and Hall. Both would seem to offer a little more as receivers, and Hall in particular looked like he might be able to turn himself into a capable returner down the line.

Sound off, and then use this as your open thread for the night.