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Arthur Blank will match your donations to Houston hurricane relief efforts

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It’s a good time to donate.

NFL: Super Bowl LI-New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We generally stick to #football here at The Falcoholic, because it’s what the people love. But there are so many other worthy causes to talk about in this world, and right now, we’re all thinking a lot about the massive flooding, loss of life, and incredible devastation in Houston. So if you’re thinking about donating, know this: Arthur Blank is gonna match your donation.

A million is a drop in the bucket for Arthur Blank, sure, but it’s important in relief efforts like this that money be targeted toward the causes that matter. I’m hopeful that will be the case here, as well.

If you can spare the money, I urge you to donate. Houston could use the help, and besides being the site of a particularly lousy Super Bowl, they’ve done nothing wrong.