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Ryan Schraeder injury: Atlanta’s right tackle looks unlikely to play versus Bills

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Ty Sambrailo will be up again.

Atlanta Falcons Practice Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

My assumption over the last couple of weeks was that Ryan Schraeder would be on the shelf for the Lions game owing to the league’s concussion protocol, and that he would make his way back by Week 4.

ESPN’s Vaughn McClure has cruelly shattered that comforting illusion, unfortunately. It now looks like Schraeder will miss the Bills game, increasing the degree of difficulty against a talented Buffalo front seven.

To be clear, I fully support Schraeder taking all the time he needs to in order to get back on the field, because players should never risk their brains any more than they already do to play the game. It’s just that in his absence, the offensive line is obviously weaker, and this is one of the tougher matchups they’ve faced to this point. With Wes Schweitzer stabilizing a bit at right guard I’m not quite as nervous, but Ty Sambrailo is very obviously not Ryan Schraeder. Matt Ryan’s probably going to be under some pressure Sunday.

While Sambrailo hasn’t been great, the Falcons can thank their lucky stars they have him and Austin Pasztor available instead of a clearly unready undrafted free agent or, say, Jeremy Trueblood. Hopefully he can be decent, and we’ll see Schraeder back on the field for Week 6 against the Miami Dolphins.