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Atlanta Falcons WR Julio Jones doesn’t care about your fantasy team

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Fact: Julio Jones never gets lint in his belly button

Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones objectively qualifies as the league’s best receiver. Even if you aren’t a Falcons fans and somehow choose not to rank him first, he’s still undoubtedly one of every football fan with a pulse’s top three. But fantasy football nerds fans everywhere have lamented Julio’s “slow start.” Over three games, he’s racked up 16 receptions and 265 receiving yards. He has yet to score a touchdown.

Does Julio care what you think about his statistics? Absolutely not.

Julio is every defensive back’s worse nightmare. He changes the game and his mere presence keeps defensive coordinator’s up Saturday nights, tightly clutching their pillows and praying morning never comes.

Julio’s awesome football ability and incredible athleticism aside, he’s also a fantastic teammate. He only wants the Falcons to win, by whatever means necessary. If that doesn’t require him to find the end zone, he’s perfectly fine with that. How many athletes at the top of their respective sports have a similar mindset? I’d bet you could count them on two hands. That, Falcoholics, is why we’re blessed.