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Devonta Freeman wins game ball for electric performance against the Detroit Lions

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Freeman woke up angry and took it out on the Detroit defense.

Each week we pick one player that had a huge impact in the game and give them our Falcoholic MVP award. So far, we’ve handed it out to Brooks Reed for his game sealing sack, and Alex Mack, for personally beating up every single Green Bay Packers defensive player.

This week it definitely goes to Devonta Freeman.

Ville Terenius

He’s always been one of the league’s best backs, but I’ve never seen him play as angry as he did on Sunday. Did Lions fans tweet him 28-3 all week or something? If so, they must be regretting that now.

Freeman’s stats are great 21 carries for 106 yards, 1 touchdown, and 3 catches on 3 targets for 32 yards, especially against a pretty stout front seven. Still, the most impressive thing was how he ran with a force and aggressiveness that feels new.

I didn’t even realize Freeman could look better than he has. I was wrong. He deserves this week’s MVP award.