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Can this elite defender escape being sacrificed to the lake of fire?

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Desmond Trufant picked a bad day to have a bad day.

Ville Terenius

“Sorry, Tru, but we just can’t have penalties like that in the fourth quarter,” said Falcons head coach Dan Quinn as he booted Trufant into some weird underground cave that seemed to be on fire. Trufant had a bad Sunday, but he’s pretty sure today is even worse.

Trufant rolled down an ashy hill, only to look straight up into the red eyes of... a giant falcon?

He knew that elevator ride to the film room took about 17 minutes longer than usual. It’s tough to tell sometimes, because Dan Quinn can just keep talking about brotherhood until you have no idea where you are or how you got there.

“Is... is that you Trufant,” asks a haggard looking man in a cage. “I never thought you’d be down here.”

“Rich? The old defensive coordinator? Dan said you went to the Rams.”

“Tru, you can either bounce back, or you are stuck here forever. I guess I should have tried a blitz every once in awhile or something. You can scale the wall on the north side if you can get past the ghost of Ed Hartwell. And never trust Jalen Collins.”

Hours later, Trufant decided to setup for the night. He’d escaped a one-on-one battle with Freddie Falcon, and correctly answered an old witch’s Falcons trivia, allowing him across to cross the bridge into Falcons Landing sponsored by Comcast High Speed Telephone Services.

That’s where Tru found a familiar face. It was Jalen. “We’re all on camera, Tru. The bird demands the fans watch.”

“That’s literally the craziest thing I’ve seen all day, Jalen. Either way, I can’t help you escape until week 13.”

Can Trufant bounce back this week? Or will be be forced to live in the pit of fire for eternity with the likes of Kroy Biermann and Peter Konz?