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Atlanta Falcons talk: How will the Falcons hold Tyrod Taylor in check?

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The Bills’ quarterback is an underrated player.

Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers is the single most dangerous quarterback the Falcons have faced thus far this year. Mike Glennon was the least dangerous. Matthew Stafford is quite good, as well. The common thread between all of these quarterbacks is that the Falcons were able to prevent them from having stellar days, which played a major role in their three victories thus far.

Tyrod Taylor offers a different sort of challenge. While Stafford and Rodgers can both scramble, and Rodgers is particularly proficient in that regard, Taylor has been arguably his team’s most efficient rushing option in 2017. He’s run with it 24 times in just three games, an average of eight totes per game, and he’s averaging over four yards per carry. In contrast, the great LeSean McCoy is averaging under three. Couple that with a good arm and an extreme aversion to turnovers—Taylor has just 13 interceptions over his last 32 games—and you have an underrated quarterback who is challenging to stop.

So how is Atlanta going to keep Taylor in check?

My guess is that they’ll have either Deion Jones or De’Vondre Campbell keeping an eye on him at all times, as having a #fast and #physical linebacker who can close the distance quickly is vital when you’re dealing with a true dual threat. They’ll also need to do what they managed against Detroit, which is keep short passes to guys like McCoy and Jordan Matthews from becoming long gains. If Taylor takes deep shots—and he will—hopefully the Falcons’ defense is up to the task of covering a frankly so-so group of Buffalo wide receivers and tight ends. It’ll be interesting to see how they hold up with Ricardo Allen likely sidelined, but at some point, you’re just trusting your talented secondary to do their jobs.

So there’s nothing spectacular or fresh here, per se, but the Falcons will need to execute their defensive gameplan to perfection or Taylor might burn them, either through the air or with his legs. How would you stop him?