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Falcons vs. Bills 2017 odds: Atlanta is a significant favorite at home

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A two score favorite, to be exact.

Atlanta Falcons v Buffalo Bills Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons have been, at best, mild favorites throughout this year. Now that they’ve handled the Bears, the Packers, and the Lions in quick succession, people are starting to catch on to the fact that this team is not a terrible post-Super Bowl failure, but a good team. Even with its flaws, Atlanta looks like one of the five or six best teams in the NFL.

So it’s not a surprise to learn that they’re favored against the Buffalo Bills, a very good defensive team that has not faced a quality offense yet in 2017. The surprise is that they’re favored by anywhere from 8-9 points, but I guess a 3-0 start and a home game against an AFC East opponent will do that for you, unless the opponent happens to be the Patriots.

For what it’s worth, I think the Bills can make it a little more interesting than that. Atlanta has enough talent to blow them off the field if they’re playing at a high level, though, and the return home and the potential return of Ryan Schraeder should both help in that regard. With any luck, the Falcons will have an impressive victory Sunday and a 4-0 start heading into their bye week.