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Falcons to wear black throwback uniforms twice this year, including Sunday vs. Bills

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The Atlanta Falcons finally did it. Sort of.

NFL: Super Bowl LI-New England Patriots vs Atlanta Falcons Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

You have been asking for the all black uniforms. We have been asking for the all black uniforms. The Falcons have been hesitant to break them out, and they finally granted our wish.


The Atlanta Falcons released a uniform schedule for this season, which includes [dramatic pause] black jerseys. No black pants for a blackout, but we are most of the way there.

Here’s the highlights from the uniform schedule.

Week 4 Buffalo Bills game: Black jersey, white pants throback

Week 12 Tampa Bay game: Black jersey, white pants throwback

Week 14 New Orleans game: Red jersey, red pants color rush

If you remember, the color rush jerseys look a lot like Tampa Bay colors. The team announced the color rush last year, but also announced that they would not do color rush colors last year.

This season will be full up of some different colors. Maybe soon they can retire the weak white on white uniforms.