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3 key takeaways from Falcons vs Lions

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Sometimes it’s better to be lucky.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Detroit Lions Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

In what was easily the weirdest Falcons win in franchise history, Matt Ryan and company escaped Detroit with a win. The Falcons are now the only remaining undefeated NFC team and first in the NFC South after losses by the Bucs and Panthers. Some fans may be fretting the nature of this win, but there are some reasons you shouldn’t freak out.

Falcons offense was amazing and awful

Consider this: Matt Bosher did not punt until late into the fourth quarter. Granted, there are 3 interceptions mixed in with those scoring drives, but the Lions defense - which is arguably a better unit than what the Packers have - did very little to stop the Falcons offense on the day. The running game was very good and despite the interceptions, so was the passing game.

Keep in mind: the Falcons are starting a functional rookie at RG and a backup at right tackle. Between the penalties and the interceptions, it’s somewhat remarkable that this offense was still able to put up 30 points on the road.

It was an ugly game for sure, but if this offense can clean things up - and there’s good reason to believe they will - this will be a nearly unstoppable unit.

Falcons defense is improving every week

Granted, we heard this a good bit last year, but it’s really coming together this year. On a day when they were put in a bad position repeatedly (via the offensive turnovers), this defense only allowed 19 offensive points - without their best pass rusher out there.

The Falcons are currently fifth in the league for sacks, and they are much better at generating pressure. Despite the last drive, the Falcons secondary played very well today. We still have the issue of giving up tons of yards to running backs, but this defense is clearly improving. While they may not be a “good” unit just yet, the arrow is definitely trending up.

Don’t overthink road wins

It’s easy to get caught up in the “should have” narratives in the NFL, but road wins can be very difficult to come by. Fans may have wanted a blowout, and the nature of the win can be very frustrating, but any road win is a quality win - period. The combination of having to travel, play in a foreign stadium and crowd noise should never be overlooked. While there are many things for the Falcons to cleanup going into next week, let’s just celebrate the road win and not overthink it.