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Takk McKinley picked up his first NFL sack versus Lions

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First of many, we hope.

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears Photo by David Banks/Getty Images

We’ve been waiting for Takkarist McKinley to pick up his first NFL sack, and with his first extended action thanks to Vic Beasley’s absence, he got it.

Takk was one of the better Falcons defenders on the field, once again, and finally his efforts wound up reflected on the stat sheet. Along with Adrian Clayborn, he was one of just two Falcons to pick up a sack against Matthew Stafford, who enjoyed fairly clean pockets most of the day. For one play, at least, Takk fixed his little red wagon. You’ll see him get around to Stafford’s back to bring him down.

Takk will continue to be a vital piece of the pass rush as long as Beasley is out—he and Clayborn are the best, most reliable options the Falcons have, unless Brooks Reed and his hair happen to be feeling it—and he should have earned a longer look once Vic returns. Long-term, McKinley’s got all the upside he needs to be one of the NFL’s better complementary pass rushers, and he just needs a few more weeks like this before he’s recognized as such.