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Final score predictions for Falcons vs. Lions

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Our staff weighs in on Week 3.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

By now, you’ve seen some of our editors being complete and total homers and once again picking the Falcons to win. It worked out pretty well the last two weeks.

Everyone here is picking the Falcons to win, too. Hopefully we’re right.


Falcons 28 - Lions 24

To be honest, I think this is about as close as it will be. The Lions are missing some key starters and their interior OL could be in for a long-day, joining LT Greg Robinson who has nothing BUT long days. The Falcons right side of the OL could similarly struggle, but this is an offense that seems to adjust well when needed. I think the Lions are a quality team, but they have some glaring weaknesses on defense that the Falcons will likely attack. Look for our tight ends and running backs to prosper in particular as the Falcons remain undefeated.

Caleb Rutherford

Falcons 31 - Lions 27

I really wish Vic Beasley was healthy for this one because he’d be in for a field day against Detroit’s OL. We just beat Aaron Rodgers, whose quarterbacking skill (including mobility) is far superior to Stafford’s. We should expect a similar result from our defense. The offense faces a stiffer but in no way impossible task in Detroit’s defense. They’re a little banged up there, I expect them to sell out covering Julio like everyone does and eventually be broken by the rest of the offensive machine.

Kendall Jackson

Falcons 34, Lions 17

Sorry, Lions, but the Falcons owe you for that 2014 game in London.

Dave Choate

Falcons 27, Lions 21

Yes, I’ve actually gotten one piece of hate mail over this prediction, specifically my underselling the offense’s numbers last night. I can understand why some would think it’s ludicrous to expect Detroit to hang in this one, but I do believe they’re a tough enough team to give a very good Falcons team fits on the road. I also don’t think there’s much of a chance they’re going to win this one, not with their starting left tackle and center out, and not when they’re going to struggle to contain this offense just as much as anyone else. Turnovers might be their best path to victory, but given that Matt Ryan and company have played very clean games against a tough Bears defense and a game Packers D, that’s not a very strong bet.