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Atlanta Falcons talk: How will Ty Sambrailo fare against the Lions?

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We’re hopeful the team’s new swing tackle will be able to hold off the Lions.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Ty Sambrailo has started quite a few games in his young NFL career, but none with the Atlanta Falcons. I hope it doesn’t cause him any great offense to note that I had really hoped he would never have to start in 2017.

That said, Sambrailo held up reasonably well after a shaky start against the Green Bay Packers, and this time around he won’t be thrust into a game cold off the sideline. Unless Ziggy Ansah moves over to his side to rush, he won’t exactly face the game’s most intimidating set of pass rushers, either, giving him a much easier matchup than Jake Matthews on the other side. He is, however, still Sambrailo, the tackle Vic Beasley ate alive last year, and the man who regularly graded out as one of the NFL’s worst starters. There’s some justified concern here.

So the question is simply this: How will Sambrailo do against the Lions?

Personally, I think this matchup will not prove fatal. I fully expect Sambrailo to surrender a couple of pressures along the way, but I think he should be able to hold his own unless the Lions flip Ansah to try to take advantage of the matchup, in which case oh no. The Falcons gave up a fairly valuable fifth round pick to get Sambrailo because they wanted a reliable fill-in for their starters, and I’m hopeful that at least for one more week, Sambrailo can look like exactly that.

What say you? Once you’ve answered, use this as your open thread for the night.