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Alex Mack wins MVP award for huge game against Green Bay Packers

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I was skeptical that the Falcons needed to have the league’s most expensive center. I was very, very wrong.

It has been tough to describe exactly what sort of impact Alex Mack has had with the Atlanta Falcons. Instead of explaining how he has become a major force in the middle of a previously unsteady offensive line, or mentioning how amazing he is at throwing blocks down the field, I’ll let Pro Football Focus describe it.

PFF, of course, grades players on a scale of 1-100. You rarely see numbers in the 90s, with some of the league’s best hitting 91 or 92. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 97, or anything close to it. He’s been an important part to Atlanta’s rushing attack, and is a huge reason why Matt Ryan has been able to step up in the pocket and deliver the deep ball.

Mack looks like a grown man playing against children. He was worth every penny.