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The NFL power rankings get dumber every week with the undefeated Atlanta Falcons at 4

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There has been a ton of movement at the top every week just to not give the Falcons their due respect.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

I know that power rankings are dumb. I’ve never followed them closely, but I never realized they would be so dumb that I’m having a ton of trouble following the official NFL dot com power rankings. These appear to be the ramblings of a crazy man.

For background the Falcons were downgraded to third overall after a preseason game. Yeah, that’s dumb, but I’m over it. The Falcons have since won two straight regular season games, putting to bed the Super Bowl hangover narrative and eased fears about the loss of Kyle Shanahan.

The Falcons are now in fourth place. They went undefeated and dropped. The Falcons handily beat their old 1st overall team, the Green Bay Packers, and was awarded one spot. The Oakland Raiders, at home, beat the New York Jets, and moved up two spots to the second overall position.

I’m sure their explanation won’t be dumb.

Wonderful performance from the Falcons, even with the late nervousness Sunday night. Agreed wholeheartedly with Cris Collinsworth, who aptly pointed out the Falcons were decidedly more confident in playing man coverage ... especially with a healthy Desmond Trufant. Collinsworth also cited how different Atlanta's offense performs on the field turf of the Falcons' new stadium. The offense looks faster. Which will, in turn, make this year's road division matchups in Tampa and Carolina fascinating, especially given how both those defenses have been playing. Still think Dan Quinn's group wins the NFC South.

Late nervousness? I had to listen to a total three hours of Super Bowl coverage on Sunday night football, and now keeping only a two possession lead on their top team is cause for “nervousness?” The offense gets the most back-handed compliment I’ve ever seen.

What a joke.

The Packers dropped six spots. Anyone know why? Apparently it wasn’t because they got manhandled on Sunday night.

The move down is more about team health than the loss to the Falcons on Sunday night. I think everyone anticipated this being a stiff road challenge for Mike McCarthy and Co. You try winning against the defending NFC champs, as they open up their new digs, without your left tackle, right tackle, top wide receiver and maybe the best defensive tackle this side of Aaron Donald. As the night wore on, Green Bay lost more players. With all those statuses potentially in question for Week 3, the Cheeseheads get down- grated.

Well the defending NFC champs were without their top pass rusher, a quality rotational defensive lineman, and their starting right tackle. That’s two Pro Bowl caliber players not even mentioned. Also, in what world is Mike Daniels even allowed to be mentioned in the same sentence as Aaron Donald?

Well there you have it. The NFC champions have gone 2-0, and were awarded with the most disrespectful explanation for a nonsensical ranking.