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Atlanta Falcons OL Alex Mack is the league’s best center ... and it’s not even close

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Fact: Alex Mack drinks seven pumpkin spice lattes a day

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It’s easy to garner attention when you’re an offensive skill player. Catching touchdowns and hit-sticking defenders will land you on someone’s fantasy team. But if you’re an offensive lineman, doing the dirty work in the trenches, then getting overlooked is commonplace. Fans do pay attention, but only when you screw up.

Thomas Dimitroff is a fine general manager. Like most GMs, he’s made mistakes, but he’s also struck gold several times. The Alex Mack signing is arguably one of his best moves ever.

Mack played a great game Sunday against a banged up Green Bay Packers defense. He helped Wes Schweitzer get back on his feet after a tumultuous debut at Soldier Field in week one. And now two games into the season, Mack is leading the way at the center position.

Not only is Mack the league’s best center, it’s not even close. He’s absolutely dominating the competition, seven months after fracturing his leg in the NFC Championship game and then playing through it in the Super Bowl. It’s nothing short of impressive.