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The Falcoholic Podcast Episode 32: The Dragon and the Wolf

We’re joined by Ty Schalter of The Lions Wire to break down the upcoming game against the Lions and more.

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Detroit Lions v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Since DW is currently on vacation, probably wandering around somewhere on the Serengeti, Michael Aprile of Rise Up Reader filled in to cohost this week’s episode alongside The Unbossable Jeanna “Mad Online” Thomas.

The two are joined by Ty Schalter of USA Today’s The Lions Wire to break down the Falcons’ big win against the Packers, as well as look ahead to the suddenly high-powered matchup against the unbeaten Detroit Lions. This episode includes:

  • Our hot taeks from the Falcons’ blowout win against the Packers
  • How the team will overcome injuries to Vic Beasley Jr., Ryan Schraeder, and Courtney Upshaw
  • Ty providing his unique insight on how the Lions will look to attack the Falcons and provides an updated injury report
  • A preview of the top matchups between the Falcons and Lions (featuring Paul Worrilow)
  • Our predictions of which team will win and by what score
  • Shoutouts to Desmond Trufant, Takk McKinley, and DJ Tialavea

You can listen to the full episode below:

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