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What do they get wrong about the Atlanta Falcons?

Plenty of things, but this one in particular.

Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

On a weekly basis, SB Nation NFL sites are discussing certain themes. This week, we were asked to examine what they—as nebulous as that is—get wrong about our favorite football teams.

In the case of the Falcons, the answer is easy. What they keep getting wrong, over and over again, is the characterization of this team as an implosion waiting to happen. You saw it on the Sunday Night Football broadcast, when Cris Collinsworth kept trying to push the narrative that the Falcons were in danger of letting up a lead, suffering a Super Bowl hangover, or whatever particular angle he was humping away at for four quarters in what turned out to be a blowout win for Atlanta. You can’t throw a rock on the Internet or a football broadcast without nailing someone who thinks the Falcons are doomed in the head, which is why I’d encourage you to pick up a rock or two.

The Falcons may or may not make it back to the Super Bowl--hell, it’s too early to say they’ll make it back to the playoffs—but they’ve already shown they’re not a diminished, demoralized squad that’s going to bottom out the way the post-Super Bowl loss narrative demands they should. That’s what they are getting wrong about our favorite team, and I hope at the end of the season we can rub some noses in it.

What would be your answer to this prompt?