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Falcons 2017 practice squad signings & rumors tracker

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Atlanta’s got 11 men to add to the squad, and they’ve only added two so far.

NFL: Super Bowl LI-City Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta’s got a final(ish) roster to tinker with, and starting at noon today, they’ll be able to create a eleven person practice squad. The players there may or may not make a difference to these 2017 Falcons, but they’ll be able to learn and grow and hopefully contribute down the line.

It’s safe to assume we know one member of the 2017 practice squad, and that’s Alex Gray, who the team can stash for the year as part of an international player program. The second, per our sources, is safety Marcelis Branch. That leaves nine men to join the team in the next few days, and we’ll hope to know the full list soon.

Practice Squad

TE Alex Gray

FS Marcelis Branch