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Vic Beasley will miss at least one game with a hamstring injury

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The team’s star pass rusher is out, and the team will have to muddle on without him.

Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

UPDATE: In his afternoon presser, Dan Quinn suggested that Beasley would miss Sunday’s game for certain, but wouldn’t say how long he’d be out after that.

Vic Beasley has 17.5 sacks in his last 18 regular season games, and he just crushed Aaron Rodgers into a fine powder on national television last night. That’s the kind of production any defense would have trouble replacing, but it appears the Falcons will need to replace it, as Beasley will reportedly miss at least a month of the season.

This is not the news we wanted after we first heard this morning that Beasley’s injury was revealed to be relatively minor. The team will now be down its most prolific pass rusher against some of the lesser lights on their 2017 schedule, which is only a small consolation.

Beasley’s injury figures to keep him out against the Lions this weekend, against the Bills in Week 4, and at least the Dolphins in Week 6, with the Falcons’ bye week luckily falling on Week 5. We’ll have to hope Beasley can heal up to the point that he can at least return as a part-time pass rusher by that Week 7 tilt against the New England Patriots, where I dare say he’ll be a vital player to have. We won’t know for at least a couple of weeks what kind of track he’s on, however.

This means the Falcons will have to dig a little deeper into their rotation to get pass rushing production, especially with Courtney Upshaw also potentially shelved after suffering an injury last night. It also means rookie Takkarist McKinley, who has quietly been very good in the first two games of the season, will likely step into a much larger role and get a chance to prove himself. I’m hopeful he’ll be everything we’ve hoped for, because the Falcons will need him to be.

Heal up quickly, Vic Beasley!