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Dan Quinn’s numbers when it comes to keeping games close are insane

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This stat shows that Quinn is absolutely the anti-Mike Smith.

Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

My favorite offseason narrative was the Atlanta Falcons will have some terrible Super Bowl hangover. We heard it from a lot of national analysts, but it was not a popular topic with local beat writers. I think the difference is knowing Dan Quinn is not like other teams that dealt with a bad Super Bowl loss.

I was supremely confident that Quinn will get the team past the loss quickly. If there was going to be hangover, it would be fleeting. He’s instilled a real brotherhood with the team, and the Falcons can be tough.

This stat helps sum up how different Quinn is from other coaches.

That’s right. Quinn has one loss of more than 10 points in 37 games for the Atlanta Falcons. Want to know how nuts that number is? Mike Smith lost nine games by more than 10 points in his last two seasons in Atlanta. Ron Rivera followed up his team’s dude Super Bowl with four losses of over 10 points.

Quinn has the Falcons under control. His team is 2-0, and I don’t expect many blowout losses the rest of this season.