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Desmond Trufant was as stellar as ever against the Packers

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He had a pick, a touchdown, and an excellent night in coverage.

Green Bay Packers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

If there was a motif for Sunday night’s game against the Packers, it was this: Players and even coaches who struggled during the first week of the season found themselves delivering comforting performances in the second week. Desmond Trufant was no exception to that rule, and in fact, he was arguably the best example.

In the Week 1 game against the Bears, you’ll recall, Trufant had a couple of minor adventures in coverage and got blocked out of a play by Mike Glennon, leading some to ask me (no, seriously) what was up with him. I responded, of course, that Tru is a consummate professional and Pro Bowl-caliber cornerback and would have no problem rebounding.

That is precisely what he did. In addition to allowing only two receptions on four targets for a combined (and pretty paltry) 26 yards, Trufant made one of the highlight reel plays of the night when he picked off Aaron Rodgers. It was his eighth career interception, and he followed it up by scooping up and scoring with the quasi-fumble from Rogers later when Vic Beasley knocked the spit out of him. If you’re counting at home, that’s one strong performance in coverage, one pick, and one defensive touchdown.

Trufant will have weeks where he looks mortal, but he’s one of the NFL’s premier cornerbacks, and he absolutely looked like it against Green Bay. That’s one more worry you can lay to rest as Atlanta prepares for a matchup against Matthew Stafford and his questionable receiving corps.