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Brooks Reed earns MVP award for game winning sack against the Bears

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For the first time in his Falcons career, Brooks Reed has earned the honor of a bad photoshop MVP award.

Credit to our professional bad photoshop expert Ville Terenius

It’s a new season, but we are keeping up our bad photoshop MVP awards every single week. There were a lot of options in Atlanta’s tight win against the Chicago Bears. Austin Hooper blew open the lead with ridiculous catch, touchdown run, and stiff arm. De’Vondre Campbell is coming up for the team in a huge way.

But none of them are Brooks Reed. Reed came on slow in Atlanta, but looked great in the playoffs. Now he opened the season with a game-sealing sack on Mike Glennon on fourth-and-goal.

He also looks like He-Man.

Great start to the season by Reed. He said one reason he came to Atlanta was because Dan Quinn saw a lot of improvement in his game. He was slowed in his first season after surgery, but was putting together a good slew of games late last year. This is a strong start so far, and Reed can be a real threat in the defensive line rotation.