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There’s no reason to write off Atlanta Falcons rookie running back Brian Hill

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Fact: Brian Hill can clap with his eyes closed

Jacksonville Jaguars v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Atlanta Falcons rookie running back Brian Hill has faded into the background since April’s draft. That has some fans writing him off. Meanwhile, it’s no secret, I’m a big fan of Hill. I believe he can and will adopt a prominent role in the offense once Tevin Coleman bolts in free agency. That means Hill has until the end of the 2018 season to get up to speed.

I had some bullish takes on Hill when I wrote about him in July. I still stand by said hot takes. And now is an ideal time to discuss Hill because he started practicing again this week. To be sure, Hill is technically listed as “questionable” for Sunday’s game against the Green Bay Packers. That doesn’t mean much, because he’s likely to be inactive no matter how his ankle feels. There’s just no need to rush his recovery.

For the Falcons, HIll is a long-term solution to a potential problem. Put differently, barring injury, the Falcons don’t need him ... yet. If the Falcons did need him to play a meaningful role in 2017, he’d have the starting offensive line blocking for him, a luxury he wasn’t afforded during the preseason.

So what I’m saying is this: Hill’s best is yet to come. He suffered an unfortunate ankle injury in the preseason. He arguably didn’t make the most of his opportunities in preseason games, but his supporting case wasn’t ideal. He doesn’t need to redeem himself, but he will.

Your thoughts?