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Atlanta Falcons talk: Should the Falcons give Wes Schweitzer help Sunday?

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And it will it help?

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

One of the hot topics around the NFL right now, with the many struggles of the average offensive line, is how much help you can give your struggling players. On one hand, getting a player back to chip can save your quarterback from impending doom if you’re running out a sieve or two on the OL. On the other hand, that takes a weapon away from the quarterback, and could lead to the same outcome a couple of seconds later.

That question is relevant because of Wes Schweitzer’s performance in the first game. In his first NFL start, Schweitzer was easily the worst Falcons lineman, and the team knows if he performs like that again they’ll be in trouble against this Packers front seven. It may be tempting to give him more help, having Devonta Freeman or Derrick Coleman or a tight end back to block. But that involves, as we noted, taking away a weapon, and Matt Ryan functions best when he’s got a lot of guys running around out there.

Personally, I think they’ll let Schweitzer largely sink or swim, though if he’s drowning and dragging Matt Ryan down with him, the calculus might change a little bit. The Falcons had plenty of success against the Packers a year ago with Ryan standing in the pocket and picking them apart, so hopefully Schweitzer and his linemates will be able to allow that.

So let’s hear it from you: Will the Falcons help Schweitzer out, and should they?