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NFL power rankings: Atlanta Falcons drop following close win over the Chicago Bears

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Fact: Matt Ryan ghost wrote most of 21 Savage’s “Bank Account”

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Atlanta Falcons fans had a lot of confidence headed into the 2017 season. Their favorite team almost won a Lombardi trophy last season. If not for Kyle Shanahan’s selfish, incomprehensible shenanigans, Matthew Thomas Ryan would be a Super Bowl Champion today.

So when the Falcons played some lukewarm football last weekend, the hot takes were not in short supply. Assuming the Bears don’t fall off a cliff going forward, the close win could look a whole lot better in a few weeks. But for now, the absence of a blowout has caused some outlets to grow skeptical. Let’s break down the week 2 power rankings. 5th (down two spots)

Gnarly start in Chicago, as predicted for Atlanta. The offense was functional if not dynamic [and t]he defense was unable to force any turnovers or stop the run consistently, leaving an inferior Chicago team within a fourth-and-goal of securing an improbable win.

CBS Sports: 2nd (up one spot)

It wasn't a pretty opener in winning a close one at Chicago, but a road win is important. Now comes a barometer game this week against the Packers at home.

Sporting News: 7th

The Falcons had to hold off the Bears in Chicago, but there will be plenty of excitement Sunday as they welcome the Packers in the home opener at brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Yahoo Sports: 3rd

Here’s why it’s not not the best idea to overreact to final scores. If any one of the Bears’ first three throws from the 5-yard line at the end hit the mark (all of them could have been touchdowns), we’re freaking out about the Falcons all week. Instead, they won and nobody paid their mediocre Week 1 performance any mind. The Falcons should be happy they didn’t play their best and still got a win.

ESPN: 7th (down two spots)

The Falcons are 1-0 after holding onto a fourth-quarter lead against the Bears. Possible overreaction: The Bears were just 5 yards away from winning Sunday, and that was with Mike Glennon under center. The Falcons should still be a contender, but no lead is safe until proved otherwise.

You and I both know that power rankings don’t matter. I do wonder how some of these outlets make their decisions when constructing power rankings. There’s definitely a couple head scratchers in the mix. Your thoughts?