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If you could take one Packer for the Falcons roster, who would it be?

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Aaron Rodgers, Mike Daniels, Jordy Nelson, or someone else entirely?

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers The Post-Crescent-USA TODAY Sports

Believe it or not, several of you requested that we bring back this feature for 2017, probably because you enjoy fantasizing about stealing great players off other teams and adding them to the Falcons. Hell, I can’t blame you.

So let’s start this thing off with the Packers. Who are you taking?

In many ways, the obvious answer here is Aaron Rodgers. If you’re at all familiar with my opinions, you know I think Rodgers is the best quarterback in football, and he’d absolutely feast in this offense in a way that perhaps not even Matt Ryan can do. But at the same time, I can’t cast poor Matt Ryan out into the cold, so let’s try another tack.

I’d go with Jordy Nelson instead, then. On a Packers roster that sometimes seems held together with duct tape, Nelson is a dominant red zone threat with size, decent speed, and excellent hands. He’d be a luxury addition to this Falcons roster, sure, but this roster is good enough that I’m comfortable with that.

An honorable mention also goes to Mike Daniels, the intimidating Packers defensive lineman who would bolster an already terrific Falcons front, and I think you could certainly justify taking him over Nelson.

Who would be your choice?