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Pro football Hall of Fame nominees: five former Atlanta Falcons players make the cut

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Fact: Mike Kenn dips his chicken tenders in ketchup

Falcons V Bears

The Atlanta Falcons are frequently overlooked by the media. That’s something most Falcons fans tolerate almost absentmindedly. In short, we don’t even notice it anymore. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a ton of Falcons alums that played damn good football in their day. So when the Pro Football Hall of Fame nominees are announced, we pay attention.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2018 nominees were announced earlier today. Here’s the complete list. I’ll (read: the AJC’s D. Orlando Ledbetter will) save you a little time parsing through the list. Here are the five former Falcons players that made the cut:

The former Falcons include guard/tackle Bill Fralic (1985-1992), guard/tackle Chris Hinton (1990-93), Mike Kenn (1978-94), linebacker Cornelius Bennett (1996-98) and linebacker Clay Matthews (1994-96). Kenn and Fralic were long-time Falcons, while the others came later in the careers after starring with other teams.

Dan Reeves was also also nominated. Here’s how this works going forward. Only 18 finalists will be considered by a selection committee that meets right before the Super Bowl. The selection committee will then settle on between four and eight former players, and only those men will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. So they go from 108 nominees to between four and eight inductees. Those are steep odds for most players.

Your thoughts? Who has the best shot? Did any Falcons alums get overlooked?