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Atlanta Falcons talk: What was the biggest positive you took from the Bears game?

Was it the resilience of the defense, the passing game, or something else entirely?

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Chicago Bears Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

We talk a lot about worries and concerns here, because we’re Falcons fans and fretting is what we do. For example, late last week I asked what concerned all of you about the Bears, and the general response was not a lot. That didn’t turn out to be terribly prescient, but those of you who worried about the Bears defense looked pretty good Sunday evening.

Nonetheless, we have plenty of concerns to chat about for the Packers, and that’s a game I feel good about. So let’s ask something more positive tonight, just for once.

What was the biggest positive you took out of the Bears game?

For me, it was the continued emergence of young defenders in an otherwise uneven defensive effort. De’Vondre Campbell played lights out football, Vic Beasley was very good again, Ricardo Allen and Keanu Neal made big plays in the secondary, and even Takkarist McKinley looked good with limited snaps. These are are all vital cogs in a defense we’re all hoping will improve by leaps and bounds in 2017, and it was good to see them wreak a little havoc early, albeit against a weak offense.

What’s your positive takeaway? Once we discuss this, let’s button up the Bears talk for the most part and move on to the Packers. It’s going to be a great game.