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Julio Jones is one of only two NFL receivers to hit 500 receptions in 80 games

Hall of Fame, we’re coming.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Julio Jones is so absurdly talented that I could have given this piece any headline at all and you would have at least entertained the possibility I was not making it up. This one, as incredible as it is, seems downright pat given what we know about #11’s excellence.

During yesterday’s solid game against the Bears, Julio became just the second NFL player to hit 500 receptions within the 80 game mark. That’s sort of an arbitrary mark, sure, but it illustrates how insanely good and productive Julio has been, and it puts him in the company of a receiver who may be ticketed for the Hall of Fame down the line.

It’s worth mentioning at this point that Jerry Rice holds the all-time mark with 1,549, and it doesn’t seem completely absurd to think that Julio could be in the neighborhood by the time his career finishes, assuming he can stay healthy. Chances are the 4 catch, 66 yard effort he put together Sunday will be one of his quieter games of the season, and if all goes well he should come very close to 600 receptions by season’s end.

Recognize the greatness, if you would.