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Takkarist McKinley looks to be a gametime decision for the Dolphins preseason game

The talented rookie will get time when he’s ready. It’s just a question of when that is.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons-Training Camp Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

While we’re all eager to see Takkarist McKinley hit the field, it doesn’t make any sense to rush him back from injury and risk aggravation just for some preseason experience. Dan Quinn is weighing his eagerness versus the risk as we speak, and all we’ve heard thus far is that he’s not sure whether Takk will play against the Dolphins Thursday night or not.

We weren’t even supposed to be here, because Quinn didn’t anticipate that McKinley would be ready to play until Week 3. The fact that Takk is here, potentially getting a look in the first preseason game, speaks volumes about how hard he’s worked to come back from injury, and how badly the team wants to see their first round pick in action.

Personally, as much I’m itching to see McKinley, I’d play it safe and give it another week unless he’s feeling more or less 100%. One more week will mean playing at home, having a little more time to heal up, and probably lining up for plenty of playing time. It’s not like someone’s going to steal his job in the interim.

I suspect, though, that Quinn will be tempted to give McKinley a little run in the first couple of quarters, perhaps 10 or so snaps, just to get him warmed up. The Falcons will need McKinley in the regular season, and if getting him involved in every preseason game helps built toward that, you couldn’t blame Quinn overmuch for very gently tossing Takk into a very small fire.

What say you?